4. Issue

Volume 2, Issue 2, July, 2021

ISSN: 2706-6428     E-ISSN: 2707-7462

From the Editor

The rule of birth control from the point of view of Islamic jurisprudence

Zakat on Farms and Fruits

The position of Salabi and his Tafsir

Child Custody from the prospective of sharia and law

Poetry from the Perspective of Religion

The influence of Khoja Ahmet Yesevi on Huvayda’s divan

Could the concept of jihad be a reference to violence?

Mullah Yar Muhammad Namanghani and the phonology of his Textbook “Tuhfat al-Abidin”

Interview with Imam Muhammad Ayoub Ghofran-Maub

Introducing the Family Law book in Sharia and Afghan Civil Law

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