Volume 4, Issue 1, 2023

ISSN: 2706-6428    E-ISSN: 2707-7462

From the Editor

The statement of Narrative Anecdote in Holy Quran
Haidar Ahmadi

The Rhetorical Attempts of Muhyiddin Darwish in the Book of “Diacritic of Holy Quran and its Explanation”
Naqibullah Darwish

The Meanings of Letters in the Hadith of the Prophe
Yasar Al Osman

An analysis and review of Jamal al-Din Afghani’s book entitled Political Discourses
Mohammad Mohammadi

Gaining Humility and Ethical Life by Follwoing the Prophethood Morall
Necati Aykon

Introducing the Book From Worshiping To The Consciousness Of Slavery
Habib Rahman Rahmani

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