Volume 4, Issue 2, 2023

ISSN: 2706-6428    E-ISSN: 2707-7462

From the Editor

Ruling of lost inheritance from the perspective of Islamic jurisprudence and civil law of Afghanistan
Mohammad Omar Qarizada

Investigating the Importance of Mehr from the Perspective of Islam and How to Observeit in Afghan Society
Mohammad Yasin Fazil | Abdul rab Hazim

The Social Role of Donation in the Structure of Islamic Civilization
Hikmatullah Hikmat

The Role of Islamic Ethical Values in Economy Growth
Ahmad Zahir Ahmadi

Religious Sect of Zikris and Their Beliefs (Critical Research)
Dr. Abdul Raziq Bashar zai

Marriage with Humanoids in the Context of Islamic Family Law
Yildiray Sipahi | Fatima Janpolat

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