Abdulcelil Alpkiray

Mr. Abdulcelil Alpkiray was born in Kahata district, Adiman province, republic of Turkey. He fulfilled basic of Islamic studies at madrasah of Kahata village and pursued his studies at theology faculty of Arjis university. He graduated from the university in 1999 and subsequently he pursued his specialty studies at Quniah Islamic studies center until 2004. Mr. Alp Korai achieved his master in 2005 at Arjis university from Hadith studies department and currently he is pursuing his doctoral in the field of hadith at the university. He is researching and writing his doctoral thesis under the title of (criticizing of Hadith knowledge relating to controversy Hadith) under his guiding master professor Salah Uddin Polad. Mr. Alp Korai has served as Imam, supervisor, and preacher in Qunia, Qiseria, Ademan and Switzerland. He has also served as a Mufti, in Masigerd district Tonjali province Yeni Fakli district Yozgot province and Buzuwa district Shanli Orofa province, in republic of Turkey. In 2012 to 2014 through a scholarship he went to Jordan and attended an academic program by the name of publishing service in religious organizations. Meanwhile, he learned Hadith under deceased professor Sheikh Shoaib Arnot for two years. In addition, he has worked with Turkish nonprofit organizations in most of African countries voluntarily.


The place of residence and death of prophet’s companions

Historical places in Mecca and Medina.


The method of criticism for the hadiths (He has translated the book with Mr. Mustafa Azami and Shafi Belbik cooperatively.

The summary of revelation to the causes of descent

Article, sermon and writings

The reflection of cultural collaboration in writing, as an example: religious-cultural press of Jordan endowment ministry that was presented in an international conference which took place in Oman under the title of Turkish in Arab cultural collaborations in May 13th-12th in 2013.

(Now you give advice) in Turkish religious affairs magazine in May 2012 no. 257.

(İf once you break someone’s heart…) in Turkish religious affiers magazine in June 2011 no. 246.

İntroducing the book of (Muhyiddin Arabi and the narration of hadith) in Islamic international magazine.