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   The international journal of Islamic studies and academic journal of dewan published its first edition in December 2019. The academic journal, which is reviewed by professional arbiters, is published twice a year electronically on the journal’s website as well as in print. This journal concentrates on publication of Islamic studies articles and related topics, such as research, analysis, and review of academic articles, providing book review, travel memoirs, academic notes, and publication of translated academic articles. In fact, the journal covers academic research in Islamic studies and related topics such as law, sociology, history, philosophy, geography, literature, linguistics, and related topic to the social sciences. The basic goal of this international journal is to present the academic works of Islamic scholars and related research of afghan scholars world widely and link them to academic institutions in the world. This academic activity will play a valuable role in the field of research and academic development of Afghanistan and the world.

The submitted articles to this journal will be judged academically at least by two expert arbiters (with anonymous identity) and will be published after approval of two judgments.


   The international journal of Islamic studies of Dewan is an academic journal, which is reviewed and judged academically by expert scholars, and publish twice a year. The academic research and articles in this journal are in Persian, Pashto, Arabic, Turkish and English.

Basic Islamic studies

Basic Islamic studies that involves interpretation of holy Quran, Hadith, theology, jurisprudence, principles of jurisprudence (Islamic law), history of Islamic schools of thoughts, Sufism, Arabic languages and literature, legal system of Afghanistan and Islamic economic.

Philosophy and Islamic studies

Philosophy and Islamic studies that involves Islamic philosophy, philosophy of religion, religious psychology, sociology of religion, Islamic studies, history of religions, history of philosophy and logic.

History of Islam and Islamic arts

History of Islam and Islamic arts that involves history of Islam, history of Afghanistan, history of Islamic arts, Islamic literature, compilation of Afghan-Islamic scholars, role of Afghanistan in Islamic civilization.

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