Management of Financial Resource within a Family


Abdul Wali Hazheer

 ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8833-9698


Financial management within a family is so significant considering the correlation between earnings and demands. Most families are struggling with making decision on how to use the limited resources while there are unlimited demands. The economic situation in a family depends on utilization and usage of the resources. This research involves three aspects of the resource management that are supply, consumption, and storage of resources. This article, which has been thoroughly (quantitatively and qualitatively) researched, shows the extent of the scientific use of family resources in order to make convincing decisions to achieve life goals and raise the level of well-being. In this study, out of 100 residents of the third district of Baghlan province, sampled through a questionnaire, the results show that on average 83.33% of families have an economic plan, 81.33% of them involve family members in the preparation of the plan.

Keywırds: financial management of family, supply, consumption, and storage of resources.