Dr. Mohammad Osman Rohani

Education Level: Phd            University: Kabul University/ Afghanistan
E-Mail: m.osman.rohany@gmail.com      Tel:+93784993384

Professor Mohammad Othman Rouhani, son of Ali Bakhsh, was born in Baghlan province. He is working as a professor at the University of Education and pedagogy department of Interpretation of Hadith in Kabul. Professor Rouhani has graduated from the field of Sharia and law and his academic rank is doctorate. Professor Rouhani also has worked as a professor of jurisprudence at Academy of Madinah, resident advisor of pilgrim coordination office of Afghanistan in Jeddah, coordinator of NSP and AKF organizations, counselor in the capacity building of government institutions, professor at Mustafa Al-Almi university, professor of criminal law at Ariana institute of education, professor of sharia at Salam university, professor of sharia at Khatam al-Nabin university, Dawat university, Ghalib university and gender trainer of IKF organization before his official duty as a professor at university of Education and Pedagogy in Kabul.

Writings and academic activities:

Compilation of a dissertation entitled (Exhumation and study of the hadiths of the life of the grave) Doctoral research dissertation

  • Research dissertation entitled (Al-Samah Walisar Fi Al-Islam) Master’s research dissertation.
  • Textbook entitled (Principles of Hadith 1).
  • Textbook: entitled (Principles of Hadith 2).
  • Textbook entitled (Factors of Jarh and Tadil of narrators of hadith).
  • Academic research entitled (Imam Abi Hanifa (through the history).
  • Academic research entitled (the Truths of the Karbala incident).
  • Academic article entitled (Women’s Rights in Islam) for Agha Khan organization (Gender Workshop).
  • Academic article entitled (Insurance from the perspective of Islam).

Languages skills:

Professor Rouhani is fluent in Arabic and he also speaks in Urdu, Pashto, Dari and English.

Academic achievements and certificates:

  • PhD in the field of comparative law with prophetic hadith from the Faculty of Religious Principles of Imam Mohammad Ibn Al-Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Master’s degree in Islamic jurisprudence from King Abdul Aziz ibn Al-Saud University of Jeddah.
  • Bachelor from Wefaq University in the field of Islamic jurisprudence as a comparative form among schools of thought.
  • Certificate of completion from (Al-Alamiyah Fi Al-Ulum Al-Islamiyyah) from Al-Farooqiyah Society.
  • Certificate of completion from (Tafsir Al-Quran Al-Karim) from Allameh Iqbal Society.
  • Certificate of completion from (special secondary in public law) from Dar al-Ulum Ki Iria.
  • Certificate of completion from (Al-Hadith Al-Sharif) of Farooqiyah Society.
  • Certificate of appreciation of Hassan Sirat and conduct from Korangi University.
  • Certificate of Arabic Literature from the University of Medina in Saudi Arabia.
  • . USAID – Gender Education Certificate from the American Institute for Development and Cooperation
  • Certificate of quality of social solidarity national education from the institute.
  • . AKF – Certificate of Administration and Leadership Training from International Institute
  • . AKF H ID – Certificate of Proposal Writing Training from an Institution
    • Certificate of Appreciation from Khatam Al-Nabiin University.
    • Certificate of Appreciation from the University Hello.
    • Certificate of Appreciation from the University of Endurance.
    • Certificate of Invitation from the University