Safiullah Muntazer

Safiullah Muntazer

Professor Safiullah Muntazer was born, in Andarab District of Baghlan province, in 1988. He accomplished his schooling, at Sangburan high school in his village, in 2006. In the meantime, he was enrolled to Islamic studies department of Sharia faculty at Balkh University through Kankor exam. Professor Muntazer, received his BA in 2010, and subsequently he had been working in peace department of policy and research center of Kabul University before he joined to Sharia faculty of Balkh university as a lecturer in 2011. He received a scholarship from Sakarya University, state university in Turkey, and pursued his MA at Islamic law department. After accomplishing his master program, he returned to Afghanistan and since that time, he has been working as a professor at Sharia faculty of Balkh University. Professor Muntazer, speaks Persian, Pashto, Arabic, Turkish and English.




Diplomatic Relations of first Islamic Government with non-Islamic Governments and its Juridical Outcomes


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