Terms of Acceptance of Articles

Terms of Conditions for acceptance of articles:

All researchers who wish to publish their scientific articles in this journal are requested to pay serious attention to the following points:

  • The articles submitted to this journal should not exceed 8000 words in total. The article should be in document font (İsnad Atıf Sistemi) and font size 16.
  • The title of the article should be written in( İsnad Atıf Sistemi) font 18 and sub-headings should be written in İsnad Atıf Sistemi font 16.
  • English text should be written with İsnad Atıf Sistemi 12 font.
  • The word page should be arranged with a margin of 2.5 cm and the distance between lines should be 1.5.
  • İsnad Atıf Sistemi size 12 font should be used for writing footnotes, and size 16 should be used for writing the headnote or header.
  • Figures and formulas should be typed legibly with appropriate letters and symbols. It is accepted to use Arabic numerals in writing numbers. Hijri should be used in writing history. On the other hand, the Gregorian date is the official date in most societies in the current era, so this calendar is also used. If needed, the Hijri date is also used. Whenever a formula is used in an article, each formula must have a number written inside the parentheses and tangent to the right margin of the page. The number of formulas starts from (1) and ends with a number equal to the number of equations. The article should be prepared with the latest formula writer (preferably Math type 6 and later). The numbers in the formulas should be Persian and the formulas should be sent in the non-italic form.
  • The figure and diagrams of the article must be original and of good quality. The actual shape file (under Word, PDF, and Excel) should be provided with 600 dpi accuracy. The font size should be chosen in such a way that it can be read even after the size of the shape is reduced for printing.
  • The references, should follow (İsnad Atıf Sistemi) reference writing system.

Note: For downloading (İsnad Atıf Sistemi) guideline click here