The Diplomatic Relationship Between Madinah States and Habesha States (Ethiopia)

Safiullah Muntazer


Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has established diplomatic relations with the nations and other governments to invite and spread Islam. A large part of these relationships are in contact with Habasha. These relations with other governments formed after the Hudibia peace, but started with the Habasha before those and had two stages, the Makka relations and the after Hudibia peace, the Makka round began with sending of a team of immigrants to Habasha in the fifth year of Buthat. The second stage after the peace of Hudibia is by sending Omar son of Ummaya al-Dhammari in two letters to Najashi. The first Najashi and the second Najashi became Muslims in the presence of the Hazrat Ja’far. The immigrants residing in Habasha came to Khyber by twoPrepared ships from Najashi. After the death of the second Najashi, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), prayed absence funeral prayer for Najashi.

Keywords: Najashi, Habasha, The Medine States, Jafer Tayyar, Amr bin Umeye ed-Damry.



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