The Rule of Dissection and Anatomy of Human Body in Islamic Jurisprudence


Mohammad Omar Qarizada

  ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5622-8114

Among the latest issues which is in progress with science, is dissection and anatomy of dead body that is known a new medical profession achievement in contemporary age. Anatomy of bodies is to diagnose of pandemic diseases, dead reasons and to educate and train the medical students. Islamic scholars expressed their ideas based on Islamic resources the sanction and prohibition of dissection or anatomy that are divided into two categories: First opinion: permitted the autopsy of dead body according to essential conditions like finding murderer and sicknesses. Second opinion: Islamic scholars expressed autopsy of dead body illegal and argue that dissection is against of human generosity and insolence such as truncation and dishonor of human bodies. This research has been done to compare the viewpoint of Islamic scholars on sanction and prohibition of autopsy considering their knowledge from Islamic resources.

Keywords: Commandment, Anatomy, bodies, Autopsy, mutilate