Writers Obligation

Respected Editor-in-Chief of Diwan International Scientific-Research Journal of Islamic Sciences
I have attached the Word file of the article titled _____________________________________________ for your review. This article has been prepared and formatted in accordance with the guidelines for writing scientific research articles provided by the International Journal of Islamic Sciences of the Diwan, We intend to submit this article for publication in your esteemed journal.
We would like to emphasize that the authors of this article affirm that it has not been previously published in any domestic or foreign publication, nor has it been presented at any conferences or scientific assemblies in national or foreign languages. Furthermore, we assure you that this article will not be submitted to any other publication until a final decision is made by your journal.
Please note that Mr. _______________________________ is designated as the responsible author for this article. He will serve as the main point of contact between the authors and the journal, overseeing all matters related to this article, particularly any revisions that may be required.

The authors, with full consent and awareness, hereby assign the intellectual and material rights associated with the publication of this article to the International Journal of Diwan and Jawzjan University. The Diwan International Journal is granted the authority to print and publish this article on its website, as well as in internal and external indexes. Any potential material benefits arising from this publication shall belong to the aforementioned journal. The right to publish this article will be revoked from the Diwam Journal only upon formal notification of article rejection or withdrawal by the authors during the evaluation process, until the final assignment is determined.

It is hereby acknowledged that this article has been prepared and written as a result of the research activities conducted by the following author(s), and it is asserted that no plagiarism has been committed. In the process of composing the contents of this article, no copying or quoting from external sources has occurred without proper referencing to their original works. Furthermore, the number, names, and order of the authors cannot be altered, and due respect has been given to the rights of all authors based on their participation and collaboration in the research endeavor. Additionally, the principles of research ethics and professional standards pertaining to the subject matter of the research, including the protection of the rights of the statistical community, participants, organizations, as well as the authors themselves, have been diligently observed.

The author(s) are prepared to provide the editor of the journal with comprehensive data related to this article, if deemed necessary for review. Throughout the course of the study and the preparation of the article, all relevant international and national laws governing research and publication have been adhered to. Should any violation of the aforementioned commitments come to light at any point in time, the responsibility for the consequences shall rest solely with the author(s).

If the research was done with the financial support of a university or institution, write its name here: The author/s declares that this research is financially supported by_______________________________ It has been done and the consent of the financial sponsor has been obtained to publish the research results in the International Journal of Diwan.

Note: In principle, Diwan journal accepts articles prepared by one author, but if the article is prepared using library and field methods, it can have more than one author.

Introducing the authors of the article and the order of their names in the magazine

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