Fee Policy

Diwan Journal is paid for articles within the country, except for articles from outside Afghanistan. This service fee, which is collected due to the evaluation of the articles by the referees and the work and transactions during the publication process, is requested from the authors at the stage of submitting their articles to the journal. Referees are paid for the services they provide (This fee is paid only to referees within the country). After this fee is collected at the first submission stage of the article, the article is taken into the evaluation process. If the article is rejected at the end of the process, 50% of the fee charged will be refunded. The author is deemed to have accepted this situation from the very beginning. The service fee requested for article publication is 4000 Afghani.
At the stage of submitting the article, the author must deposit the service fee to the account below and send the transaction receipt to the journal e-mail (diwandergisi@gmail.com). The information required for Article Service Fee Submission is notified to the author via e-mail address.
It is sufficient to write the names of the author(s) in the description section.

Account Information:
Muhammad Akram Hakim
Azizi Bank
IBAN: 000301102909477